"Starrfucker Magazine is a beefcake zine for the modern homosexual man. Created by Los Angeles based Photographer, Jeremy Lucido as an extension of his art. The magazine is an photographic illustration of porn to art and art to porn."


What follows is a description of Starrfucker Magazine in Jeremy's own words:

"My Name is Jeremy Lucido and I am the creator of Starrfucker MagazineOn January 8th, 1999 I moved to Los Angeles to complete my education in Photography and pursue a career as an Artist. Like many people who own a camera I soon found myself taking pictures of sex… one thing led to another and soon I was running porn sites, producing adult events, and learning a lot about the business of the naked man. It was all a beautiful craziness that soon developed and settled down into a nice low-key alternative. 

I worked as a Production Manager at Randy Blue, Director, Photographer, and a Porn Columnist for the XXX Industry. These are all behind the scenes jobs in the world of porn… I'm guy in the industry who stays dressed and remains unseen but, who is always there. I have a different view point of the adult industry than many people- somewhat bland and often jaded. I consider myself the outsider looking in on both the fans and the stars of gay porn. Sometimes my lack of enthusiasm provides new ways to look at porn and sometimes it is just me being uninteresting. 

I started the Starrfucker Blog in 2005 as just a side gig. I am just another constantly struggling artist living in Los Angeles. My goal however was to stray away from the norm of the hundreds of other porn blogs. Of course I was going to throw at you some affiliate links however, I was always selective about what I posted and did so with a good reason. Unlike John Q. Perv publishing his blog in the backwoods of Kansas (no offense Kansas); I had real access to the porn industry and do work on adult sets every week. Again, nothing glamorous… I am just the guy who picks up the used condoms scattered around the set, the guy who lies on his back holding a spotlight on a model’s plugged hole, the guy who… well, you get the idea. 

I'm a shy guy, an observer if you will… I am far from a model myself- really far. In 2010 I started the Starrfucker Magazine as way to bring together two parts of my life together as one... Art/Photography and Gay Porn. I was a huge fan of printed zines like Pisszine, Kink and Pinups- The idea of helping to keep printed media alive really appealed to me. Having the magazine also gives me a reason to shoot more hot men with complete creative control. Starrfucker Magazine continues to grow and improve with each issue and that is something I am really proud of."

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