Kelly Holohan

I met Kelly Holohan during my first summer at Adam's Nest, she was drawn in by the SILENCE=DEATH t-shirt hanging on the door.  We began talking and I learned of her Sorry We're Closed project, "a body of work designed to bring attention to LGBTQ human rights around the world" and she shared one she had created for in memoriam of Orlando's Pulse mass shooting; 49 Flores to support the victims, survivors and their families.

49 Flores - Orlando Pulse Victims

I followed Kelly on social media and saw her UNITE graphic she sported at the Women's March and knew I wanted to have her work on t-shirts at Adam's Nest.  We are thrilled to offer the UNITE t-shirt in support of Planned Parenthood and UPSIDE DOWN in support of Greenpeace; 10% of proceeds are donated to the respective organizations.

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